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Sean's Heroes Page

Below are some of my heroes.

"The sight of an achievement is the greatest gift that a human being could offer to others."

—Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand - She wrote the most intellectually challenging novel of the century—Atlas Shrugged—and created a new, fully consistent, rational philosophy—Objectivism. Her novels inspire me and her philosophy has changed my life. Perhaps they will do the same for you.

Check out the Ayn Rand Institute

Michael Jordan - He is the consummate basketball player, but also so much more. He brings class and excitement to the game. He provides a great example on and off the court for adults and kids alike. And he loves a challenge—so much so that when basketball was no longer a challenge, he retired and took up baseball in the minor leagues. I respect him most because he chases his dreams and gives everything he has to achieve them.

Check out Yahoo!'s Michael Jordan Category

Bill Gates - Perhaps the most productive individual on the planet. He built Microsoft from nothing and turned it into one of the most successful companies ever with his brilliance, vision and commitment to excellence. Unfortunately, he is also one of the most envied and persecuted individuals on the planet—precisely because of his success.

Mika Hakkinen - The 1998 & '99 Formula 1 Champion. When I started watching Formula 1 in 1994, I liked Mika because of his great attitude and his keen sense of humor. He persevered through a life-threatening crash, blown engines while leading the race, and a car described by his teammate as "like a truck" to go on and win the championship four years later. Well done Mika.

Check out Mika's McLaren Mercedes Team

Soichiro Honda - He founded the Honda motor company, the maker of the world's best motorcycles. Honda motorcycles are expertly engineered for real people to be ridden on real roads—and still be a blast! Mr. Honda once said, "Success is 99 percent failure"—wise words from a wise man.

Check out these Honda motorcycles

Dr. Lewis Little - He is a physicist who has created a revolutionary theory which takes the weirdness and irrationality out of physics. I believe the theory will revitalize physics research and bring some much needed objectivity to the field.

Check out Lewis Little's Homepage

Prof. Stuart Schreiber - As an organic chemist, he has completed some brilliant syntheses of complicated molecules. I like his work mostly for its creativity. I also admire his goal of using organic chemistry as a tool to learn more about human diseases.

Check out Scheiber's Homepage

Prof. Samuel Danishefsky - Currently one of the top synthetic chemists in the field, his syntheses of complex molecules are excellent examples of what is possible. I especially like reading his papers because he explains his rationale for various decisions and because he often has one or more daring steps in his plan which add excitement to an all too often routine and methodical subject.

Check out Danishefsky's Homepage

Socrates - He was one of the most intellectually honest men of all time—and he was sentenced to death for it. I greatly admire his honesty and integrity.

Check out The Last Days of Socrates

Want to Read about Heroism?

bulletAndrew Bernstein has written an excellent essay entitled The Philosophical Foundations of Heroism.
bulletProdos, a radio talk-show host in Australia, interviewed Andrew Berstein about heroism. Read the Interview Transcript.
bulletAndrew Bernstein has also written an op-ed against volunteerism. Read What Young People Really Need: Not Volunteerism but Happiness and Heroes.

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