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Wonder Pets #1 Wonder Pets #2 Wonder Pets #3
Unicorn & Penquin Duckling & Kitten Reindeer
Swan & Puppy Cow & Skunk The Wonder Pets
Sea Lions & Kangaroo Tree & Elephant Camel & Ants
Panda & Mouse Pigeon & Dinosaur Hedgehog & Crocodile
Dolphin & Chimp   Poodle
Caterpillar & Crane    


Backyardigans #1 Backyardigans  #2 Backyardigans  #3
The Yeti Polka Palace Party Knights are Brave and Strong
Monster Detectives Viking Voyage The Heart of the Jungle
Castaways The Snow Fort Surf's Up
Race Around the World The Key to the Nile Riding the Range
Quest for Flying Rock Race to the Tower of Power Pirate Treasure


Backyardigans #4 Backyardigans  #5 Backyardigans  #6
Cave Party Scared of You Horsing Around
Eureka! Mission to Mars Cops and Robots
It's Great to be a Ghost The Swamp Creature Whodunit
The Tea Party The Legend of the Volcano Sisters Save the Day
Secret Mission Samurai Pie Movers of Arabia


Backyardigans #7 Backyardigans #8
Tale of the Mighty Knights Best Clowns in Town
A Giant Problem Fly Girl
Catch That Butterfly Into the Deep
News Flash Special Delivery
The Secret of Snow


Peep #1 Peep #2
Dry Duck (part 1 & 2) Quack and the Very Big Rock; Shadow Play
Night Light; Sounds Like... Reflection Affection; Peep Deep in the Big Muddy
Current Events; Quack Loses His Hat Newton's Big Adventure; Peep Crosses the Road
Quack's Stuck Stick; Peep's Can Stormy Weather; Peep in Rabbitland
Hide & Go Peep; A Peep of a Different Color Snow Daze; Flower Shower


Peep #3 Peep #4
Chirp Builds a Nest; Stuck Duck The Windy Day; Peep Feet
Finders Keepers; Quack Quiets the Universe Under Duck; All Fall Down
Peep's Moon Mission; The Many Moons of Quack the Duck The Trip to Green Island; Give me a Call
Birds of a Feather; The Incredible Shrinking Duck The Perils of Peep and Chirp; Hoop Tricks
That's a Cat; Faster than a Duck Wandering Beaver; Peep's New Friend


Peep #5 Peep #6
A Daring Duck; The Trouble With Bubbles Finding Time; Smaller Than a Peep
A Duck's Tale; Quack's Tracks Nosing Around; The Last Straw
Bridge the Gap; Meeting Half-way Peep Plants a Seed; The Root Problem
Chirp's Flight Program; Mirror, Mirror in the Dump Stick With Me; Tree Feller
Count Them Out; Peep Prints The Disappearing Drink; Door Tour


Peep #7
Save It for Later; The Red Ballmoon
The Real Decoy; Peep's Lost Leaf
The Sounds of Silence
Tooth, Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth; The Winter of Quack's Discontent
Who Stole the Big Wide World; M-U-D Spells Trouble


Little Einsteins #1 Little Einsteins #2 Little Einsteins #3
Knock on Wood The Incredible Shrinking Machine How We Became Little Einsteins
A Tall Totem Pole Ring Around the Planet I Love to Conduct
O Yes, O Yes, It's Springtime Whale Tale The Good Knight & the Bad Knight
Jump for Joey Pirate Treasure The Mouse in the Moon
Hungarian Hiccups Rocket Safari The Northern Night Light


Little Einsteins #4 Little Einsteins #5 Little Einsteins #6
Brothers and Sisters to the Rescue Melody, the Music Pet A Brand New Outfit
Carmine's Big Race Quincy and the Magic Instruments Annie's Love Song
Go West, Young Train Super Fast! Duck, Duck, June
He Speaks Music The Birthday Machine The Great Sky Race Rematch
Hello, Cello The Glass Slipper Ball The Puppet Princess


Little Einsteins #7 Little Einsteins #8
Annie & the Little Toy Plane Annie and the Beanstalk
Little Red Rockethood Dragon Kite
Rocket Soup The Christmas Wish
Sleeping Bassoon The Missing Invitation
The Blue Footed Booby Bird Ballet The Puzzle of the Sphinx


Zoboomafoo #1 Zoboomafoo #1
Bzzz Fast & Slow
Flying Buddies Fierce Creatures
Green Creatures Jumpers
Humans Messy & Clean
Zoboo the Super Lemur Puppies